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My international research collaborations on linear and nonlinearultrasonic techniques for SHM

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报告题目:My international research collaborations on linear and nonlinearultrasonic techniques for SHM

报告人:Tribikram Kundu, University of Arizona



Abstract:Use ofultrasonic waves is continuously increasing for nondestructive evaluation (NDE)and structural health monitoring (SHM) in civil, mechanical and aerospaceengineering applications. My international research collaborations on linearand nonlinear ultrasonic techniques with different universities and institutesin Asia, Europe and America will be discussed in this presentation. Between bulk waves and guided waves the latter has become more popular forNDE/SHM applications because the guided waves can propagate long distances andreach regions that are difficult to access otherwise. Recent advances inresearch related to NDE and SHM of various engineering structures made of metaland polymer composite plates, concrete and cement composites will be discussedwith experimental results. To analyze the experimental results often oneneeds to understand the mechanics of wave propagation in complex problemgeometries. Structures with internal defects are difficult to solveanalytically or numerically by the popular finite element method because thesize of the individual elements and time steps required for such analysesbecome prohibitively small at high frequencies. An alternative mesh-freetechnique called the distributed point source method (DPSM) has been developedfor solving such problems and will be presented along with the experimental results.

Brief Bio:ProfessorTribikram Kundu received his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from IITKharagpur in 1979; there he was the winner of thePresidentof IndiaGoldMedal (PGM) for ranking first among all graduatingengineers. After completing his MS and PhD at the University ofCalifornia in Los Angeles and winning the outstanding graduate student award inUCLA Engineering college he joined the University of Arizona (UA) as anAssistant Professor in 1983, and was promoted to Full Professor in 1994. He wasdistinguished as a Faculty Fellow for research in the UA College of Engineeringin 2012. To date he has supervised 39 PhD and 28 MSstudents,published 9 books, 18 book chapters and 345 technical papers; 175 of those inrefereed scientific journals. According to Google Scholar his h-index is 45,with over 7000 citations. He won theHumboldt Research Prize(Senior ScientistAward) andHumboldt Fellowshipawards from Germany, 2012NDE Life TimeAchievement Awardfrom SPIE (the International Society for Optics and Photonics),2015ResearchAward for Sustained Excellencefrom ASNT (American Society for NondestructiveTesting), 2015Lifetime Achievement Awardand 2008Person of the YearAwardfrom the Structural Health Monitoring journal. He receiveda number ofInvitedProfessorshipsfrom France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea,Singapore, Poland Italy, India, China and Japan. He isFellowof 5 professionalsocieties - ASME, ASCE, SPIE, ASNT and ASA. He is the founding Editor-in-Chiefof theASME Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics andPrognostics of Engineering Systemsand Associate Editor ofUltrasonicsjournal. Earlierhe served as Associate Editor of 3 other journals.





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